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What homeopathic remedies would be useful to have to hand during the summer months?

  • Aconite 30c Coughs and colds that come on suddenly and after exposure to cold, dry winds and often accompanied with a feeling of anxiety.

  • Bryonia 30c. For hard dry coughs with accompanying nausea and the head feels heavy. Better for being laying still and for sitting in a semi-upright position.

  • Gelsemium 30c Useful for watery eyes and sniffles. Also for anxiety that is described as 'butterflies' in the tummy.

    Euphrasia 30c Eyes continually watering with hot, tears and a sensation as if there was sand in the eyes. Eyelids are burning and swollen.

  • Nat Mur 30c Watery eyes, sniffles and sneezing where the nose runs just like a dripping tap. The person has a tendency to hold their emotions in and appear reserved.

  • Nux Vomica 30c Lots of sneezing especially in the sunshine. This can make the person feel very irritable - also a great remedy for the ill effects of too much to eat and drink.

    These are just a few of the homeopathic remedies available. Please note that homeopaths always match the symptoms you experience with a remedy that is why there is not a 'one size fits all' approach in homeopathy.


FAQ'S. Homeopathy Christmas Jingle

Click on the pdf for a homeopathic Christmas rhyme

How does homeopathy work?
It works on the principle of the law of similars (treating like with like - see examples below).

If you drinking too much coffee you may find yourself having difficulty sleeping. The homeopathic remedy Coffea is made from coffee

When chopping an onion your eyes may water and your nose becomes stuffy as if you had a cold or 'allergy'. The homeopathic remedy Alium Cepa is made from the red onion.

Can homeopathy be taken by pregnant women?
Yes but I would recommend that qualified advice is sought.

Can I take homeopathy alongside medicines prescribed by my GP?
Yes you can, but it is wise to seek treatment from a qualified practitioner who will monitor your progress and you should always keep your GP informed.

What illnesses can be treated with homeopathy?
A homeopath does not select a homeopathic remedy for a named disease or make a diagnosis but carefully chooses a remedy that closely matches the unique symptoms you are presenting with.

The remedies listed above may be purchased from health shops and some pharmacies and information is taken from the Homeopathic Remedy Guide

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